The Lift Philosophy

The philosophy of Lift is pretty simple. Lift is about life!  I believe health is having the capacity to handle the day-to-day demands of life with vigour.   The Lift culture encourages a focus on 'progress not perfection' and it's more than a diet and exercise program! I take a holistic 'fundamentals first' approach integrating nutrition, motivation, education and strength training.




About ME

My name is Amanda and my passion is helping woman eat, move, and feel better. 


As a mum of 3, I understand the challenges of leading a healthy lifestyle especially when looking after your own needs is often the last thing on your mind.  I also believe deeply in the untapped physical potential you hold within. 


I hold a Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Biology) degree, Associate Diploma in Fitness and Recreation Leadership, a Level One Precision Nutrition Coach, Level One Strength & Conditioning and I am a REPS registered Personal Trainer.  With over 15 years experience, I am  well placed to help you lead a healthier and more energetic life. 

Get Fit - Live Life - Be Strong