Frequently Asked Questions

What will we do in the Small Group Coaching Sessions?

Our 60 minute Small Group Coaching Sessions adhere to a winning formula that includes fun, flexibility, fitness and relaxation. Regardless of your mood when you arrive for your Small Group Coaching Session, I are very confident will have you feeling better when you leave! Depending on your goals you may opt for a timetabled Lift For Life, Performance Lift or Post Natal Lift or create a group of your own with friends or family (3-4 ladies).

I have a pre-existing conditions and/or I'm unsure if I'm fit enough to participate?

Regardless of your current level of fitness or capability we 'meet you where you're at!' Our pre-screening and initial consultation ensure we get to know each other well. With this understanding of your background, current needs and limitations (if any) we are able to customise sessions for you. The high level of support outside of sessions also provides great opportunity for feedback and discussion. However, If you do have any existing medical condition or concerns you should not commence any new activity program without your Doctor's consent. wherever necessary I will work with your Allied Health profess

Why Strength?

At Lift we believe Strength is as important for overall health, as Aerobic Fitness, particularly for women. There is a huge amount of scientific literature on its benefits including physical and mental performance, reduced risk of lifestyle diseases, improved independence and self-esteem. I understand Strength Training may be new to you. Rest assured we start very slowly and work within your capabilities. And remember if you're participating in Small Group Coaching, you will be within a group of supportive, like minded ladies.

I've just had a baby, when can I start?

Having undertaken additional 'Post Natal' Training, I understand the special considerations for new mums looking to return to physical activity. So long as you have been cleared by your midwife, gynecologist, doctor or physiotherapist you are good to go (usually 6-8 weeks). Your exercises will be tailored to suit your current condition and wherever necessary I will work with your Allied Health professional

What is a REPS registered Coach?

At Lift I sincerely believe I have a responsibility to provide you with evidence based, current information and service. The best way to do this is to ensure I undertake Ongoing Education! Registration with REPs is more than just a verification of an initial qualification, (which is a one off event like sitting a test for a drivers licence. ) REPS Registration is an annual process like a Warrant of Fitness for a car. This means a Registered Exercise Professionals knowledge is up to date, and also bound by a Code Of Conduct. More information can be found at

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