At Lift, I pride myself on providing a welcoming, encouraging environment with a few laughs.  Sessions will help you achieve the results you want in a safe, fun and non-intimidating atmosphere.  All 3 Lift Programmes,  can be delivered One on One or in a Small Group environment (numbers are strictly capped). 

One on One Coaching: Perfect if have a very tight schedule, revolving entirely around your needs, your goals and your agenda. 45 and 60-minute options.

Small Group Coaching:   If working on your goals with like-minded people sounds appealing, Small Group may be for you. These  sessions offer 

contagious camaraderie and FUN.  You are welcome to form your own group of ladies or join a timetabled 60 minute Lift session.


Our thorough pre-screening and initial consultation ensure we get to know each other well. With this understanding of your background, current needs and limitations (if any) we are able to customise all sessions for you.

STart where you are- use what you have- Do what you can!
  • Tired of feeling exhausted? 

  • Not happy with what you see in the mirror?

  • Worried about dwindling strength and falls risk?

  • Know you need to take action, but unsure how to filter through the barrage of weight loss or fitness advice?

  • Do you find gym's intimidating or need more support than traditional group fitness provides? 

If you answered yes to any of these lovely lady, then 'Lift for Life' was developed with you in mind. Our Lift for Life sessions utilises a winning formula of fun, fitness, flexibility and relaxation.  If you're a woman – of any age, and at any stage of life –  who wants to learn to connect to her body in a new way, a woman who wants to enjoy movement, learning about her body as she engages new muscles and practices, then Lift could be the right fit for you. 


There is often much more attention and care given to mum during pregnancy, than post-pregnancy! With all the excitement, the attention on mum tends to disappear once baby arrives. If you’re ‘lucky’, you might get a few weeks of people doting on you and then you’re left to care for baby, care for family, yourself, cook, clean, and for many mums, prepare for the transition back to work.

I understand the physical, mental, emotional, and hormonal changes that occur after the birth of your baby. At Lift I provide a supportive, sympathetic environment where you can safely return to activity with other mums (whether its been 6 weeks, 6 months or 6 years) . I focus on gently and progressively improving your strength and endurance, building core and pelvic floor strength, improving posture and flexibility and elevating energy levels. You can join one of the 'Post Natal Lift' classes or your special needs can be catered to in 'Lift For Life' One on One or Small Group Coaching Session.


Looking to gain a competitive edge in your Junior or Senior sport or have an adventurous challenge on the horizon?

As a former national representative athlete (Athletics and Soccer) and Adventure Race enthusiast, I've got the 'know-how' to ensure you get the most time-effective, performance returns from strength training.  Whether you require explosive-power, muscular-endurance, maximal-strength or all three to excel, our innovative and functional resistance training methods will positively impact on your performance.


Your individualized program will be tailored to your capability and can be done at your own gym or Small Group Sessions can be delivered for you and your teammates at our locations or I can travel to you. 

Get Fit - Live Life - Be Strong